Diana Bassetti Member 2014

  1. Briefly, what have you done personally or professionally since high school?
  2. I received a Master’s Degree from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and was a licensed professional Family Therapist for over 44 years. I also did post graduate work at the Philadelphia Children’s Guidance Clinic.
    I am a proud grandmother to four grandchildren; two who reside in Raleigh and two in New Jersey.

    Also, I am honored to be a “Monday duster” at the A-Z Thrift store!

  3. How long have you lived in Raleigh/Cary/Durham?
  4. I moved to Raleigh in the fall of 2013 from Pennsylvania.

  5. What was your motivation for joining ALTA?
  6. I live within walking distance of A-Z Thrift store and was charmed by the people and the contents in the store. As I learned more about the philanthropies and community service programs we have, I knew I had to volunteer with this organization.

  7. Please, tell us something about you we may not know or something about you that is unique or unexpected.
  8. I collect wood sculptures from Bali and Indonesia, which are my pride and joy and have accumulated quite a few, although I have never been to either country.
    I am greatly looking forward to a trip to Savannah on my birthday this summer which I have planned with my daughter who lives in New Jersey.