Donna Wooster Member Jan. 2017

  1. Briefly, what have you done personally or professionally since high school?
  2. I have a Bachelor’s in Business and an MBA from College of William and Mary. I’ve worked in Manufacturing, Distribution, Finance, Accounting and IT. A bit of everything, it seems.

  3. How long have you lived in Raleigh/Cary/Durham?
  4. I’ve lived in the Triangle area since 1995. I’m originally from N.J.

  5. What was your motivation for joining ALTA?
  6. In October 2016 my dad passed away, my job ended when the owner of the firm retired, and I was feeling a need for meaning in my life. ALTA and its wonderful members gave me a sense of community and a sense of purpose.

  7. Please, tell us something about you we may not know or something about you that is unique or unexpected.
  8. I graduated high school at 16 and lived in Denmark for a year between high school and college. I learned to speak Danish, went to school and lived with a family. It was wonderful.