Geraldine Burroughs Member 2016

  1. Briefly, what have you done personally or professionally since high school?
  2. Attended North Carolina Central University with a major of Computer Science and Business Administration. Graduated in 1975. Worked as a Computer Programmer for North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, the largest Black owned and operated insurance company for over a century. In later years while at NC Mutual Live, I managed the of Customer Service and Payment Processing departments after working with a team to convert from the “old dumb terminals” to the new desktop Personal Computers at the turn of the century in January 2000.

  3. How long have you lived in Raleigh/Cary/Durham?
  4. Married in 1977 and lived in Savannah Georgia for 2 years, other than that I have lived in Durham my entire life.

  5. What was your motivation for joining ALTA?
  6. After retiring, I wanted to do volunteer service in my community and meet new people. I like organization and stability, these were qualities that made me interested in ALTA. I also like the friendly atmosphere and diversity of the chapter members.

  7. Please, tell us something about you we may not know or something about you that is unique or unexpected.
  8. I am not very talkative, but I enjoy being around positive people. I have like to sing and have been a member of my church choir for years.