Louise O’Quinn Member Nov. 2015

  1. Briefly, what have you done personally or professionally since high school?
  2. Since high school, I got my B.A.and my Master’s in Reading Education. Professionally, I taught for 34 years before retiring, most of that time in Wake County as a literacy/reading teacher. I was married for 31 years to Sandy before he passed away in 2013.

  3. How long have you lived in Raleigh/Cary/Durham?
  4. I was born and grew up in Charlotte and have lived in Raleigh for 39 years.

  5. What was your motivation for joining ALTA?
  6. After retiring, I had lots of discretionary time on my hands and wanted to volunteer for a worthwhile cause. I have volunteered for several other organizations which have all been valuable experiences for me but after hearing about ALTA and all the causes they support, I knew that this organization is one with purpose. I really like that they are an all-volunteer organization. They help those in need while also providing an excellent store for the public.

  7. Please, tell us something about you we may not know or something about you that is unique or unexpected.
  8. Along with a fellow ALTA member, I have helped to write a teacher resource book that was published by Scholastic. It is based on resources that we created to use with our own students. We are actually receiving royalties.