OSB School Enrollment

The “Sign Up” below, is to sign up SCHOOLS to indicate the NUMBER OF STUDENTS that you have allotted to that school.

Click on the “Sign up >>” that follows the number of “open” slots available. Choose the school to assign the allocated number for that school.

In order to make ANY ADJUSTMENTS to these numbers, you must go to the page “Operation School Bell Assignments”.   At the bottom of the form there is a place to either add or subtract quantity of students. Note that to “subtract”, you must use their little “down arrow”. If you are adding, you can type in the number.

In “Operation School Bell Assignments” you will be able to enter the data from the forms you receive back from the school.  Then on the Reports, you will be able to view, and filter by any field, download to Excel or CSV file or PDF. NOTE: The “filters” for the Report views, are located at the bottom of the spreadsheet, instead of the top.

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