Community Outreach

The Outreach Program was established because there were needs in women, children, and families in Wake, Durham, and Orange counties that did not fall under the guidelines of the original six philanthropic programs.

Special situations promoted hardship conditions in the community and specific assistance was required to help with the hardships.

In early 2021, when the pandemic began and businesses had to close, there were many individuals who could no longer work and lost their income. Quickly this became a big problem for individuals and families. With this thought in mind, it became apparent that these people needed help in procuring the food they needed to help them to survive.
At the time that this problem was identified by the Outreach Program committee, the AL Action Week committee also realized that help needed to be offered and a food drive was initiated.

Both committees joined together in this effort, and the Outreach Program accepted the responsibility of transporting food donations to the Raleigh Food Bank and Durham Food Bank.

Future actions of program participants will depend on community needs.