Kid’s Place

Created in 1997 by Assistance League Triangle Area, Kid’s Place originally was a single room created as an oasis for kids being treated at Raleigh’s WakeMed Emergency Center. The program has expanded to include several locations throughout the Triangle providing various comfort items to children who come to the Emergency Department for treatment. The committee delivers comfort items as needed to each facility we represent.

The primary purpose of the program is to provide comfort to children and their families during a very stressful time within emergency department facilities.

We supply the following:

    • Stuffed teddy bears for comfort (with Assistance League Triangle Area t-shirts)
    • Children’s books
    • Flavored Chap Ice and Play-Doh
    • Treasure chest filled with items for children including: toys, stickers, crayons, colored pencils, bubbles and coloring books
    • Underwear and special request items such as sensory items for children with special needs, books in both Spanish and English, coloring books and toys showing diversity.

The Kid’s Place committee continues to receive positive feedback from the hospital staff for our contributions.