Teddyann Madison Member 2017

  1. Briefly, what have you done personally or professionally since high school?
  2. Born and raised in Los Angeles I have a Masters in Library Science from the University of Southern California and worked in technical libraries after graduation. My two children live in Austin and the Denver area and I have step-children in Chapel Hill and Bozeman, Montana.

  3. How long have you lived in Raleigh/Cary/Durham?
  4. I moved to Chapel Hill in 1985 after living in North Africa and the Middle East for many years as a foreign service spouse. That enabled me to travel extensively in Europe, Asia and Africa.

    Living overseas allowed me to entertain frequently, something I enjoy very much. Perhaps my library background is why I also like to read, also sew (for which I have very little time these days) and cook (also when time allows.)

    My husband taught in the Department of Social Medicine at UNC in Chapel Hill and where I began my real estate career.

  5. What was your motivation for joining ALTA?
  6. I joined ALTA thanks to Lauretta Holloway’s enthusiasm for the organization and the women who are part of it. I look forward to spending more time in helping the organization where needed.

  7. Please, tell us something about you we may not know or something about you that is unique or unexpected.
  8. During the years I spent perusing the souks of Tunis, Damascus, and Aleppo, I accumulated a large collection of finely embroidered dresses from villages in the region. The vast variety and quality of the needlework is truly astounding.